Dansk Offshore Safety Conference 2023

The energy transition and focus on climate ambitions is gaining pace. New solutions are being developed and adapted by our industry. At the same time, people from different backgrounds and areas of the world are meeting to form teams, which need to deliver high quality work facing tough circumstances and challenges that represent risk.  

The changes mean we have to adapt as an industry and in our ways of leading, organizing and collaborating. In order to take the best from several different worlds – not least in our ongoing effort to ensure the highest possible safety standards.
How do we embrace the opportunities in the industry transition, diversity and change and turn these elements into undeniable strengths for everyone involved? How do we bring diverse groups of people together – sometimes at short notice – and help them snap into teams that operate safely and productively? How do we unleash the great human potential in these changing circumstances in the safest way possible?

At this year’s safety conference, global experts will inspire, engage and provoke our thinking to identify and unleash the potential of people in a changing, complex industry.

We look forward to you joining this important conversation. All with the intention of leaving us in action to adapt, develop ourselves, and continue elevating our safety leadership and performance.